About Us

Who We Are

Grace Beauty is a business with deep family values and global vision. Our brand partners use words like integrity, partnership, transparency and team to describe our approach

Our Story

Grace Beauty's success can be traced back to our founder, Frank A. Fazzinga Jr., and his very first entrepreneurial venture, a beauty retail store in New Jersey. With an emphasis on hard work, honesty, capital efficiency and most importantly, satisfying customers, he and his son, Frank Fazzinga III, successfully grew Grace Beauty into a premier distribution and retail marketing company that operates with North America's largest retailers.

Today, our team harnesses that same strong work ethic, passion and integrity to provide our partners with strategic solutions that take their products from seed to success in the continually evolving and increasingly challenging retail industry.

Our founder, Frank A. Fazzinga Jr. with his son, Frank Fazzinga III
Beauty Product Distribution Partner and Beauty VC Capital Partner

One company, Two divisions

Our groups partner with consumer brands and companies to achieve their business objectives and showcase their products.

Grace Beauty

As one of North America’s leading beauty distributors, we provide sales, retail marketing, operations and financial support to early stage and established beauty/consumer companies.

If you have been in the market for a few years or are just starting out, Grace Beauty supplies the know-how, insights, and networks to expand across the retail sphere and drive sustainable growth.

Grace Beauty Capital

We invest in the next generation of innovative consumer companies. We partner with founders of early stage digital-first brands, consumer, and retail technology companies to support them on their journey from kitchen table to household name. Beyond financial commitment, we also provide in-depth operational knowledge for developing impactful go-to-market strategies.

American Beauty Product Distribution

The Value We Bring

We provide best-in-class retail expertise, engaging brand communication, crucial analytics and insights, and financial strength to accelerate your brand. Within the retail landscape, we are truly unique in our ability to provide marketing, sales, distribution, operations, and financial support—all under one umbrella.

We know which retailers to approach and when; the key strategic priorities for each; how to price, promote, and negotiate; and, with our market knowledge, how to effectively respond to consumer trends and the competitive environment.

At Grace Beauty and Grace Beauty Capital, we share your passion for your brand, the people at your company, and your vision for growth.

Guiding Principles

We have a deep abiding ethos that the best partnerships are built on shared values. Our work is guided by the following principles:

Collaboration: We work in partnership with you, serving as a supportive sounding board, and an advisory and networking extension of your team.

Authenticity: We know first-hand that strong authentic brands create loyal customers and meaningful equity value.

Family: With our heritage as a family business, we have a deep appreciation for the ongoing hard work, and frequent sacrifices, that go into building a successful business.

High integrity: We can be relied upon to do the right thing—always.

Low Ego: This is your moment to shine. We place the focus on you and your teams.

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